Events : 2016


Friday, January 15, 2016

Treefalls is excited to present violinist Robert Simonds, a nationally celebrated soloist and champion of New Music. At his fingertips, the music of today's greatest composers is "gripping" and wholly satisfying (New York Classical Review). The program Simonds brings to Spartanburg weaves together more than a dozen works. . . [Read More]

Events : 2015


Friday, January 16, 2015

Founded in 2009, the Freya String Quartet (Jason Neukom, Ashley Buckley, Jason Hohn, Katya Janpoladyan) is dedicated to performing a wide range of music, advocating artistic evolution, and teaching the importance of classical music. It has been the personal goal of the ensemble to go beyond the traditions of the classical music world by breaking boundaries and reaching new audiences through innovative performances and unique methods . . . [Read More]


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Featuring the charismatic Mimi Stillman (flute), founder and Artistic Director of the Dolce Suono Ensemble, alongside core member Charles Abromovic (piano), this concert is sure to be an amazing experience, not to be missed! The ensemble has been dazzling audiences and invigorating the music world since its founding in 2005, presenting highly acclaimed concerts that engage the audience in chamber music at a profound level through innovative, dynamic programming . . . [Read More]


Friday, April 24, 2015

Trio d'Esprit (Carol Cook, Jonathan Aceto, Ruth Berry) is committed to presenting exceptional works composed for piano trio, a central genre of chamber music. The rich tradition of Chamber Music (as we know it today) began in parlors and salons, composers/performers conversing through music as they jammed with friends in the relaxed and close atmosphere. Featuring Paul Schoenfield's Cafe Music and Tacy Garrop's Silver Dagger, the program for this concert returns to this tradition . . . [Read More]


Friday, November 6, 2015

Treefalls proudly presents a benefit concert for globalbike, featuring the upstate based duo, Cello Times Two. This one-hour concert is enitrely homegrown, with all new music by Spartanburg and Treefalls composers. Audience members will be treated to several premieres, almost every piece on the program has been written for this concert and this particular ensemble. . . . [Read More]

Events : 2014


FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014

The premier event in the concert series, ONe explores the rich variety of New Music written in the last decade. Current composers cross conventional boundaries between so-called "popular" and "classical" traditions, blending musical genres in a way that resists definition . . . [Read More]


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our second concert combines film, electroacoustic music, and live percussion. The evening will feature premieres of new works by award-winning composer N. Cameron Britt and critically acclaimed filmmaker Jonathan Ade . . . [Read More]

ABOUT : who we are

Treefalls is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to the presentation of contemporary chamber music written by living, active composers. Through a series of free concerts, Treefalls endeavors to offer the public inventive and creative new works performed by professional musicians who support New Music. We will select fresh, original pieces from our open Calls for Scores, Commissioning Projects, and active research in the field.

Treefalls strives to transform current opinion of concert hall music – if only a little – and inspire a new generation of composers and performers in our community.


Elizabeth Brady

ABOUT : our supporters

These free concerts are primarily made possible by individual contributions from the community. Please consider supporting the series through a charitable, tax-deductible donation.

For a gift of $100 or more, patrons may reserve one seat for an entire Treefalls season.

Special Thanks to our 2015 Associate Producers:

Sarah Ioannides, Zachary Scrima, Melissa Fregosi, John Moody, Daniel Z Ongrone, Gerald Whelan, and David & Linda Whisnant

Treefalls gratefully acknowledges the following patrons for their support of our 2015 season:








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  • Bill Barnet
  • Karl & Renee Johnson
  • Phillip Martin
  • Gail & Peter Schmunk
  • Zachary Scrima
  • Richard Viglucci
  • Steven Zides



  • Melissa Fregosi
  • John Moody
  • Daniel Z Ongrone
  • Gerald Whelan
  • David & Linda Whisnant


(up to $49)

  • Anonymous
  • Ned & Christy Barrett
  • Michael & Elizabeth Blackwell
  • N. Cameron Britt
  • Jim & Elizabeth Clark
  • Gary Ferrington
  • Rhea Jacobus
  • Becky Kay
  • Robert W. McClure
  • Davies Reich

About : The Music

New Music of the 21st century is eclectic and diverse. Artists blend styles as they cross the traditional boundaries between so-called "popular" and "classical" traditions. Composers are incorporating harmony, melody, rhythm, and technique from all musical genres as well as integrating visual art and multimedia into performance. The result is engaging and interesting, complex but approachable, exciting and educational.

Music today is alive, and it speaks to our generation.

About : The Concerts

What to Expect

Treefalls concerts offer a chance to hear New Music without all the constraints of conventional venues. By removing New Music from the concert hall and performing it in less traditional spaces, we hope to create a more inviting experience for our audience, so they may hear the music in a new way.

Maestro Baldur Brönnimann sums it up beautifully in his recent article, 10 Things That We Should Change in Classical Music Concerts. On his list: you should feel free to applaud between movements; you should be able to use mobile phones (in silent mode), taking pictures, tweeting, sharing, recording audio, etc.; you should be able to take your drinks inside the hall (or buy them there).

We DO believe, as Dan Visconti writes, that The Audience is the Most Important Instrument. Without anyone to hear it, there is no music!

Of course, out of respect for the musicians and other audience members, we kindly ask that concert-goers not disrupt the show with excessive talking/whispering, flash photography, excessively noisey movement, etc., and cell phones be set to silent . . . not just vibrate.

For more about breaking with tradition, please read "the importance of Venue" by our Artistic Director, Peter B. Kay

  • All concerts in the series are FREE and Open to the Public.
  • Arrive early! These concerts fill to capacity.
  • There is no dress-code for these concerts. Wear what you'd wear any Friday / Saturday night out!

About : Where we are

The upstate of South Carolina is culturally and artistically diverse. The community holds music in high esteem, devouring everything from Beethoven to Britten and bluegrass to jazz. There are symphony orchestras, blues clubs, chamber groups, and weekly outdoor rock-fests. There are more than a dozen colleges and universities with strong music programs. Until recently, however, the concert hall has lagged behind, seemingly stuck in a "classical music" loop. While music for the concert hall has grown and changed dramatically over the last 40 years, little of America's New Music has been performed locally. But now, there is a renewed interest in contemporary chamber music in the area. Our goals are to bring New Music to Spartanburg, to introduce and educate the public, and to cultivate the arts here at home.

...and what's with the name?

"If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Though it has become a cliché, it still raises interesting points:

- If a piece is written but never played, is it Music?
- If no one hears it, how can it resonate?

We want to collaborate with composers and performers to give life to their creations, to deliver their music to an audience, and to make Music from the notes on the page.

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