Fall 2014

Additional Notes


  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of pieces a composer can submit, but we kindly ask that you do not overwhelm us; a good maximum number is around 3. Feel free to email us if yours is a special case.

  • Chosen works remain under the copyright of their composers and do not transfer in any way to Treefalls.

  • Although we would dearly love to have the composer of the chosen work attend the concert, no travel stipend can be offered at this time. So we are not requiring composers to attend the April concert.

  • There is no prize money associated with the Call for Scores at this time.

  • Treefalls reserves the right to not choose a piece if none are deemed suitable or we cannot accommodate them in the time given. We also reserve the right to choose more than one piece as well, so send us your stuff!

* Ultimately, we will choose the piece that best suits both the program and the ensemble. However, in keeping with the Mission of the organization, our desire is to present the variety, the diversity, and the wonderfully eclectic nature of New Music. So we are apt to chose works and composers that offer contrast to the traditional and well-represented groups.